Signs of Providence is a nonprofit media collective based in Rhode Island.

Our mission is to educate the public and elected officials about our state's growing housing crisis.


Our members include filmmakers, social workers, activists, students, and individuals currently experiencing homelessness. 

We know from experience that people's stories are an incredibly powerful tool for positive social change. Everyone has a voice and a story: it's our goal to share them.


We've fought to protect equitable access to public space. 

We've shared the stories of people who lost access to public transportation when the state voted to defund a subsidy that benefited low-income elderly and disabled citizens. The No Fare Bus Pass was reinstated 2 months after our first video was released. 

We've shone a light on how hard it can be for people experiencing homelessness to shower and find clean water .

We've shared the voices of people who faced housing discrimination because of their source of income. 

We followed a family as they were forced to undergo an eviction and subsequently became homeless because of rising rents and "studentification."

And we're currently building a resource to help elected officials, advocates, and professionals better navigate the existing housing system and better understand its failings.

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