We would be nowhere without our partners.

The Helen Hudson Foundation is our incredibly generous primary sponsor, and a constant source of mentorship and inspiration. 

House of Hope is so much more than a CDC, and many, many people, from those on the streets to people in public office, owe them for their work. 

DARE, short for Direct Action for Rights and Equality, is a community organization that has been at the forefront of the fight for better housing (and higher wages, and better healthcare, and the end of mass incarceration, to name just a few) for decades. 

HousingWorks RI is the source of most of our (and many, many other people's) statistics about the current housing crisis. Thank you for the quality and depth of your work.

The Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty does exactly what its name says it should.

The Housing Opportunities Initiative is a cross-sector coalition seeking to unite all of the players involved in developing and maintaining housing across the state.

The Rhode Island Organizing Project fights tooth and nail for the rights of the elderly and disabled. The No Fare Bus Pass would not be back if not for them. 

Uprise RI is what local, progressive, and honest news looks like at its best. is our partner a couple hours down the coast. Their journey map, tracking the steps required of NYC's homeless to get off the streets, has been a huge inspiration to our work.

The Rhode Island Homeless Advocacy Project (RIHAP) is behind our state's Homeless Bill of Rights. Enough said. 

HOPE at Brown is not really a student group, even if they might want you to think so.

The Center for Justice defends low-income households facing housing-related charges, among other things. They're as close as we can get to real superheroes. 

The George Wiley Center has a long history of organizing for the rights of minorities and the oppressed. Follow their movement to pass PIP, for more equitable utilities.

RICH, the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, fights for the quality of life of all people across the state and is seeking comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness.